Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sticky Note Evaluations

After our third graders performed their musical, "Jingle All the Way," they got to watch the video of their performance during music class!  The students then evaluated themselves by reflecting on their performance (one of our Georgia Music Performance Standards).  Each student was given 3 sticky notes and asked to write about their strengths, their weaknesses, and their favorite memory of the musical.  Most of them really gave it a lot of thought and were very honest about the things they thought they did well and what they thought could have used more work. 

I loved hearing about their favorite memories!  Many students enjoyed the funny dialogue and complimented some of the characters on their memorable lines.  There were several students who proclaimed, "Mrs. Eggleston, I can't think of a favorite memory - I loved the whole thing!"  Of course, that was very heart-warming to hear!

"My weakness was watching Mrs. Eggleston.  P.S. The director."  ツ
"My weakness is smiling while I'm singing."
"My favorite part of the play was when Santa found his jingle."
"My memory was making my costume."
"Being brave"

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