Saturday, December 8, 2012

HSES Chorus 2012

I was privileged to have such a talented chorus this year!  They were always so excited to sing each week and were constantly asking to be challenged!  I found myself continually adding to our repertoire because they learned everything so quickly.  Although it was a small group, they had a beautiful sound and we had so much fun together!  Here are a few pictures from our performance at the HSES Empty Bowls Dinner.  You can find out more information about Empty Bowls here.

(photos courtesty of Debbie Butler)


  1. What songs did your group sing? I'm always looking for new Empty Bowls songs for our concert! Great blog!!

    1. Since I don't have an accompanist, I choose songs that have a quality track. My favorite resources are "Music K-8" and "Activate Magazine" and I also use songs from our curriculum series, "Making Music." There is also a set of books called "Ready to Sing..." compiled by Jay Althouse. There are different styles - Ready to Sing... Folk Songs, Ready to Sing...Broadway, Read to Sing...Spirituals, etc. and they have a great piano accompaniment CD. Hope this helps! Thanks for reading. :)

    2. Also - Music K-8 has a song called "Make a Difference" (Vol. 17, No.1) and it's lyrics make it a perfect candidate for an Empty Bowls concert! :)