Monday, October 8, 2012

Musical Terms Fortune Teller

Second graders have been working on learning how to read a musical score.  They have been practicing tracking the music and following the musical "road map."  To help us with these skills, we have been working on a unit of "Musical Terms."  They learned many Italian musical words and symbols that they may come across in their score-reading.  Our focus words were: piano, forte, repeat sign, fermata, coda, crescendo, decrescendo, legato, and staccato. 

With all of these new terms, we needed a way to practice!  I used a template that I found online and created a Musical Terms Fortune Teller. Remember those?  I used to make these all the time in elementary school.  :)  I was excited to find out that some of the students knew how to make them as well!  Each flap of the fortune teller has a musical symbol on it and underneath the flap is the definition.  The students had so much fun playing the review game with their partners!

Here's a great video tutorial if you'd like to try one yourself!


  1. Do you have this one posted as a download somewhere?

  2. Where can I get this PDF? Thanks, Heather

  3. Love the concept, but a file we could download would be quite the timesaver vs re-inventing the wheel. I found the blank template, but wondering how you use the 4 corners to get started too.

    1. Since I took someone else's template and changed it, I didn't feel comfortable posting since the original wasn't mine. :) The 4 pictures on the outside are just for decoration - I have the students pick a number between 1-10 to get started. Thanks for reading!