Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Musical Terms Centers

As the culmination of our "Musical Terms" unit, the second graders are participating in centers.  I love using centers to help my students practice particular skills or concepts and also to assess their knowledge at the end of a unit.  They love it because they get to play fun games!
Station 1:  Simon Says Symbols - The students take turns choosing a question...
And circle/highlight/underline the correct symbol on the musical example using a creative pen!
Station 2:  Musical Terms Board Game - Students will draw a card and answer the question about a musical term.  If they answer correctly, they can roll the dice and move their game piece.  I put the questions on the outside of an envelope and the answer on an index card inside the envelope so that they can check their answers easily.  By the way, I found this board game at the Dollar Tree.  
It's a great place to get ideas for centers. :)
Station 3:  Musical Terms Scavenger Hunt - The students work together to find musical symbols in their music textbook and record the page number on their worksheet.
Station 4:  Musical Terms Hangman - The students draw a card and write the correct number of blanks on their dry erase board.  The other students in the group take turns guessing letters until they figure it out!  Most of the students already know how to play hangman and any time you can get a dry erase board in their hands it is a good thing!
Station 5:  Musical Terms Bingo - I created a "playlist" of music passages using Audacity where each clip features a particular term.  When the students identify the term that they heard, they place a Bingo chip on that symbol.  For example, if the students identified the musical clip as being loud, they would cover up "forte" on their Bingo card. 
I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak of some of our fun music games!  Check back soon for more musical centers!

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