Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rhythm Centers

First grade students have really been enjoying their rhythm centers!  This has given them a chance to practice identifying, performing, and creating 4-beat patterns using quarter notes, quarter rests, and eighth notes.  Here are some of the fun games they played:

Center 1Koosh Ball Rhythms (SMARTboard) - The students take turns tossing the koosh ball at the board and when they hit a circle a rhythm will pop up.  They then have to read that rhythm correctly to their team.


Center 2Rhythm Board Game - When it is their turn, the student draws a card and reads the rhythm to the group.  If they read it correctly, they can roll the dice and move their game piece.


Center 3Rhythm Bingo - One student will be the "caller" and will read various rhythm patterns aloud to their group.  The group members then have to find that rhythm on their card and cover it up with a Bingo chip.  The first student that gets Bingo will be the new caller of the game.


Center 4Rhythm Composition - The students will take turns being the "composer" who will create a 4-beat rhythm pattern hidden behind the "screen."  The composer will read aloud their rhythm and the group members have to notate the rhythm using their rhythm cards.  The composer will then reveal the rhythm by lifting the screen and check who got the right answer.


Center 5Rhythm Matching - Students will take turns flipping over two rhythm cards trying to find matches.  If they get two cards that are the same, they have to say the rhythm correctly to claim the match.

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  1. I am loving your ideas for centers. For the rhythm board game...what board did you use? Would any board work that allows students to move their token forward places? Also, the rhythm match many cards did you make for this?