Friday, September 15, 2017

Love Will Keep Us Together

Another one of my favorite Randy DeLelles and Jeff Kriske activities uses the classic song, "Love Will Keep us Together," by Captain and Tennille. I got this lesson from an ASOA conference I went to years ago and my students always really enjoy it. 

I start out by having the students practice walking to the beat of a drum in scattered formation. We talk about the importance of walking in unique pathways and not just walking in a counterclockwise circle as is a tendency. Next, we practice walking sideways and backwards to the beat and then we add simple repetitive arm movements. 

At this point, I have students form groups of 5 with the person at the front of the line assigned as the leader. The leader begins walking to the beat doing some kind of simple locomotor movement and the rest of the group follows, copying the motions of the leader. To take turns, I have the leader rotate to the back and the next person in line has an opportunity to lead. 

This can be added to the verses of "Love Will Keep us Together." I also teach this simple choreography to the refrain of the song:

And also you can add a simple pat/clap pattern on the B section and put all of it together for a final performance:

This lesson is great for the end of the year when the kids really need to get up and moving a lot or of course it is appropriate for Valentine's Day. Here are a few pictures of the students in action: