Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Tissue Dance

Kindergartners have been learning about different ways to move to music. We've used many different props such as scarves, streamers, and beanbags to experiment with locomotor and non-locomotor movement. In order to practice expressive movement, I used this activity from True Aim: The Blue Manor Blog called "The Tissue Dance." According to their blog post, the original idea came from the book called, Circle Time Activities by Nancy Alexander.

Since we had been singing songs about winter and snow, we talked about what snowflakes look like when they move (slowly, delicately, floating, etc.) and used it for inspiration for our version of the game. The students each received a tissue and had to try to keep the tissue on their head while they moved around the room to the wintery music. First, we just practiced moving and then we turned it into an elimination game - if their tissue fell off their head they were out of the game. After we finished the game, we balled up out tissues and threw them like snowballs. They really enjoyed it and I wish I had gotten a picture of that! :)